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To Robert... I agree with JJ on this one!

Posted by Michael Dalton on 2 June 1998, at 5:44 p.m., in response to Re: Barred, reinstated and now what?, posted by JJ on 2 June 1998, at 12:55 p.m.

I agree with JJ's advice to Robert in this thread.

To Robert... if you keep the language clean I have no problems with anything you say. If you swear again here and I am forced to delete a post I will delete all posts you made and forbid any IP address you use for the entire BJRnet site. I have better things to do then to constantly monitor your language.

This will probably be my last reply to you so I will comment on a couple of things -

You obviously have a lot of faith in your "card counting" system for baccarat. Fine... has anyone provided a computer simulation of its effectiveness to you? If you have why have you not presented the results to us? You have to remember, not many of us have simulation software for "baccarat". I certainly do not! I think I have played at most 2 or 3 hands of baccarat in my life because other folks that I respect tell me the game can not be beaten like in the game of blackjack. With your foul language you have probably alienated the few folks that possibly could do a simulation for you. Remember, the title of this board is Voodoo Blackjack and not Voodoo Baccarat!

Norm Wattenberger, author of the excellent blackjack software Casino Verite, replied to your post and provided Griffin's ultimate Tie Bet count. You HAVEN'T replied back to him as of today! I would think that his post was a GREAT first step to some intelligent dialog. Why didn't you continue the conversation and explain why you think your count is better??? Who knows, maybe Norm (or someone else) could direct you to someone who could provide the simulation results for the count you use.

You did reply to me indicating that "your" count provides a positive expectation and Griffin's count does not. WHERE ARE YOU GETTING THIS INFORMATION? I have asked you many questions on your system in the past month. You have generally replied that you will not devulge your method. Thats fine... but don't expect any intelligent responses on a system that we don't know anything about.

PS - When did you start believing that card counting works? Or do you believe that card counting works in baccarat and not blackjack?



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