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Re: To Robert... I agree with JJ on this one!

Posted by JJ on 2 June 1998, at 6:42 p.m., in response to To Robert... I agree with JJ on this one!, posted by Michael Dalton on 2 June 1998, at 5:44 p.m.


In my opinion,I think that Michael Dalton's recent post may start a new page. I should say that I agree with him with what he posted too. Let us give a hand to discuss that particular subject of your interest without any personal attacks or dirt throwing. I do not know anything about baccarat other than a lady friend who plays nothing but bacarat. If what she says is true, she is a winner most of the time.

I think the challenge for you now is not to doubt, forget everything that is past history (flexibility) and above all keep emotions out of the way (cool). The reason for the parenthesised items are because I strongly believe these are good traits to develop along whatever else you may need to handle gambling that you show great interest in. You know, also, an Economist has to be really cool with numbers and statistics in order to give an accurate picture of what the statistical data is indicating. And, so what if your understanding or interpretation is wrong? You won't be the first 24-year old who committed that crime (I'm joking!). I won't tell it to my son whom I could not steer in that same discipline of education. His choice was Computer Science.

Therefore, I hope you will not disappoint me and Michael Dalton. Though I support the underdog, there comes a time that I have to follow my own standards of fairplay. If others detract you, or you feel that they are disrespectful, please do not respond directly. Let Michael Dalton review first. Let us prove that we can have a higher standard of dialogue. What is happening and will happen from now on may be watched by the entire world. Who knows?

OK Robert?





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