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Re: No problem, let's move on

Posted by JJ on 2 June 1998, at 7:50 p.m., in response to Re: No problem, let's move on, posted by Soma on 2 June 1998, at 5:38 p.m.

Hi Soma

This has been quite a day. Good to hear from you.

Let me respond by paragrahs in order to comment to the points you raise.

Para 1:"Pre-defined goals and Timeframe (which seem related) are dangerous concepts, similar to Target Betting" Yes they are related in that they both help you to end the session once the deadline is reached for BR increase or timeframe limit. I do not know what is Target betting and why they may be dangerous concepts. Before characterizing it so, let me tell you the reasons why they are needed. And, some of your concern is understandable to me for the following reason. If time is not limited for you, then timeframe becomes a tool for discipline only. For my situation, most of the times that I have ended my trip in losses are time related (not enough time...). Without goals I would not know when to stop. Do you? If you have a level(=goal) then really you may be using it without formalizing the goal concept. Just to let you know more about goals that these are not fixed goals . They move up if the game is going my way. I will not be thrown out of the game unless there is 35-40% negative fluctuation (I call that a loss). The goal will gradually move upward depending on the outcome but there are clear cut dividing lines for me to stop the game. However, if what you use is compatible with your expectation of success and works then I must say it is good for you. Should you not be able to quantify your success based on your experience? Or is it the sky is the limit concept?

Para 2: This is exactly why I constantly stress to base your strategy, goals, personal qualities and timeframe to your valid casino experience. You have just told us that the most difficult part of the overall gaming that I had to surmount was the in the personal qualities department. You have no such problem. That is just such an asset to have Soma.

Para 3: Yes except for the dealer in a hot streak will lose me and I give them the notice and get ready to move table after my preset goals are hit. That is one thing that is purely unacceptable to me. I would rather 4 to 10 tables do it than one! About decision making, I do not think at all and nothing outside or around me will deter me. In fact I can not tolerate players who keep thinking and... then ask what to do

Para 4: I shall not comment on this now before I hear from Cyrus. But I promise to do it later.

Best regards to you




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