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Roulette (part 1)

Posted by Robert on 3 June 1998, at 11:08 a.m.

I know three math way to beat roulette:

1- Biaised wheel play. It is now a rare event to find one. I did two summer ago: european wheel, number 20 showing 1/30 for over 11000 spins. Did not have the 400 bankroll to plunge in. The wheel is off now.

2- Dealer signature play. With the good parameters it does work well. However: it can be beat easily: dealer who change is ball release strengh, dealer who vary wheel speed, dealer who held the ball out before releasing. Also, the new wheel/ball combination tend to add randomness. The pocket are less deeper and more round; the ball can slip easily in the next pocket... Also, bigger ball are being use adding to this effect. When you have a wheel speed "fast" with this type of wheel. dealer signature is dead!

3- The baccarat 50-50 stuff I'm on.

4- PHYSICAL PREDICTION! That's what I want to discuss with you here.

I suggest the reading of "Eudamonic pie" and "How to beat the wheel" (by Barhnart) for ref.

IMHO, The Pie team "fail" cause their method were too rigid and unpractical in casino...

The theory:

We have three component to take into account:

1-Wheel speed

2-Ball speed

3-Bouncing effect

Def: bouncing is when the ball land and begin to "bounce" until it rest in his final position.

Bouncing effect is the simpliest to fix: By observation, anyone can see that a bell-shaped-curve is occuring for the bouncing. You can arrive to a good approx of bouncing for each type of wheel speed easily. Example: A "fast" wheel (19 rot a min) give bouncing of 3/4 of the wheel. The release strengh is irrelevant in the analysis.

Most of the dealer have this fast wheel in the european procedure (wheel change side each spin) and they are usually consistent. In fact, for signature, they are unbeatable, the wheel is too "fast", but for physical prediction they are the best!

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