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Roulette (part 2)

Posted by Robert on 3 June 1998, at 11:20 a.m.

What we need is an algorythm to "predict" the final position of the ball WHEN IT LAND in the wheel, not his final resting position.

For the final position: you would adjust you "landing point prediction" with the average bouncing effect. This can be done by eyes only! But:

You must identify first that your dealer have the "fast" wheel type. Better too to identify one with the "standard release strengh". This standard seem to be a release were the ball will make 13 rot before landing.

Don't get me wrong: you need practice in casino to spot this! But it is not tougher than card counting skill.

Also: 50% of the dealer will "qualify" for this. On the other 50%: you have the "artist", mostly womens, with the "slow" wheel; they are "soft" on the wheel. These are the one that signature will beat IF they don't try to beat you... (it has happen to me...) Also you have all "the rookies" with "inconsistent" release; they still are struggling to put the ball on the bowl for releasing. Also the "fast as I can" wheeler: the ball will jump out of the wheel often; they are usually men big in heigh and size; unable to be "sweet" on the wheel.

Ok suppose this:

You got a dealer we the "fast wheel", the "standard release" and that is "consistent" in his technic. This represent over 50% of all the dealer I have see in casino; they are the "typical" dealer doing his job; not being bug by winner/loser just there "working" his shift. Both men and women dealers here.

What I'm looking for is an alogorythm for the landing point. I'm sure it is an easy one but I'm not able to put the conception on paper; is there any physician around?




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