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Tie Breaker for Baccarat

Posted by Felix Cheung on 3 June 1998, at 12:10 p.m.

C. Michael Brannan is selling a Baccarat system called Tie Breaker in the web (www.casinopro.com).

It is the same system that Robert described here. I know the system because I was once an owner of it, but I had asked my money back.

As the system was purely mechanical, I had also written a computer program to verify its effectiveness. The result was disappointing.

Please don't ask me to post my result here, because I have already put it into the "Recycle Bin", and I see no reason to do anything on the system again.

Anyone who wishes to know more about card counting in Baccarat, please read the article by Michael Hall posted at




Baccarat card counting (by Michael Hall)



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