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Re: I said that in the post call "intermission".

Posted by JJ on 3 June 1998, at 10:53 p.m., in response to I said that in the post call "intermission"., posted by Robert on 3 June 1998, at 6:36 p.m.

Hi Robert

I am impressed by the amount of effort you have put in the Baccarat (Part 1 - 5) papers. Unfortunately, I do not know Baccarat and will not be able to comment on it or benefit from it. I also found the Roulette (Part 1 & 2) very interesting to read. In fact, I have read now all the posts concerning the two subjects and other posts with real satisfaction. I was right in guessing about your intelligence in my previous posts.

I notice even your proficiency of the English language has made a great leap! Hey, were you faking poor English before? (Just kidding!).

I very much thank you for following "Humility and Wisdom" for not losing your cool. After all it is a discussion and exchange of ideas. Please keep using that principle whenever your intelligent mind is faced with imprecision or does not get appropriate response the first or second time. We all have to take care of communicaton problems along our discussions everyday, and there is no other way of doing it. Dialogue is unlike monologue and has to go back and forth before it settles like the pendulum, or sometime there may be a breakdown. That is the process. Please do not let problems of communication spoil the substance or the topic being discussed. And you are doing fine my friend.

You worked hard today and deserve a good period of time off or whatever activity that makes you relax. Have fun!

Good Night.




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