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Roulette: the dimension

Posted by Robert on 4 June 1998, at 10:21 a.m.

The Cyrus input is right, the ball speed in itself is irrelevant when the ball begin to drop, when it land and for the bouncing.

I got an idea for the algo:

If someone could come here and tell me the following:

1- the exact circonference of the bowl; I need the measure related to the place where the ball is "turning"

2- the exact circonference of the wheel itself, the part that turn. I would need the measure of the "outside" of this part.

Knowing this two, I could measure speed, total distance made by ball and wheel and "juxtapose" them.

If the preceding is not clear: just bring here someone who can throw an avalanche of number about a roulette wheel dimension.




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