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At least two...

Posted by Robert on 8 June 1998, at 10:15 a.m.

...bast*** have been using my handle to pitch s*** on bj.math.com and bj21.com.

Moreover, the dummy Gerihg continue to puke on me... he is proving is true IQ and his true level of maturity.

Humility and wisdom: "imitation is the supreme form of reconnaissance" Well f*** that! I'm 24 y/o and have no time to support this BS; not so when it come from empty head; in that case it suck!

Well, I should stay logic: these idiots are making me look like some wish I would be. Good for them.

Well, go at it! I'm not a web jerk like you. I got no time to play with wormboys. I'm out.

Hopefully this will stay up enough time to be read by these suckers; boy I wish I could put a hand on you dear S**.


yes, the IP is the good one this time.

Regards to those who have show true value...



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