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Posted by JJ on 12 May 1998, at 11:06 p.m., in response to Re: Welcome to the Voodoo board, posted by JJ on 12 May 1998, at 4:36 p.m.

The following is the beginning of a condensed series in WINNING AT BJ. These articles are my very own and often are formulated on the computer screen without a rough draft, so excuse spelling and grammatical errors as the substance is really what matters and is important in WINNING AT BJ. I just have too much in my storage/memory in any area in connection with BJ and my typing cannot keep pace with the speed with which my mind races covering 38 years of BJ gaming around the world.

Just a brief introduction of myself: I am a graduate of Civil Engineering (by Scholarship), studied Critical Path Method in Scheduling and received Scholarships in Post Graduate Civil Engineering twice (London & Birmingham, UK), Business and Finance (Golden Gate University, in SF), Courses in Project Management at UCSF and SFUSD, Courses in Theory of Cycles, Technical Analysis of the Stock Market, and various other related courses with the above.

I have hobbies and interests such as Spirituality, Music, Nature, Stock Market Investements, Driving, Boxing, involvement as Board Member in Non-Profit Senior Services (NorCal), and Member in Calvary Congregational Church (past Councilman and Building Committee Member for several years).

I have played BJ in Lebanon, England, France, MonteCarlo, Italy (San Remo), Yougoslavia and now in the USA (West Coast). Let me say that there is no other place on this earth that offers as good and relaxed environment for BJ gambling as I have found in the USA. My favorit and only locations are, respectively, Lake Tahoe (South Shore), Reno, Las Vegas, and also have gambled and vacationed at Loughlin, on the Colorado river.


BJ is an attractive game for the following reasons: 1. It looks simple and easy, and the outcome is fast. 2. The player participates and gets involved in step by step decisions making him feel he is in control (even though he may not be in control by lack of skills, knowledge and experience). 3. Often individual hand outcomes defy logic and common sense.

The playing of BJ for occcasional entertainment and fun does not require and merit the hard work necessitated. The appearance of simplicity is very misleading as BJ requires the greatest preparation and most extensive real casino experience, without which a player's mind is limited to what he has heard or read in BJ litterature or has limited experience. It seems that it is paramount and essential that WINNING AT BJ requires a very gradual and planned education just like becoming an engineer or a medical doctor. In both of those professions, after many years of education, a graduate is just beginning to learn and is an intern. Success will come only in real life experience and being intimately associated with the job to develop into a professional. It takes hard work for many years and there is no short cut for becoming a successful professional in engineering or medical professions.

The casinos are not to blame for so many players who are and stay losers. They just are not prepared and never attain the level of skills, knowledge and valid experience required. In my opinion, approximately 99.9999% percent of BJ players end up losing. The game looks easy but the level of preparation required is too hard for most people to take for lack of interest, dedication, ability and time necessitated in order to become successful.

The way I see it, the casinos are an excellent ground to test ones preparation if one is serious in his dedication and openness to keep improving his shortcomings. This can not be achieved by short term gimmicks, such learning and using systems, any system. One cannot become a good doctor by using such short cuts or gimmicks. Would you like to be diagnosed and operated by such a "doctor"? Would you like to have your house built by such an "engineer"? The licensing process in organized society eliminates such possibility. However, in BJ gaming, it is an open field where no qualifications and entrance levels and standards are required. Any person (even the mentally retarded, the addicted, and below average in intelligence ) are out to make a quick buck!. These and many others may end up as followers of systems (shortcut?) to beat the "bad" casinos who rob people of their money.




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