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My winning progression

Posted by ML on 15 May 1998, at 2:32 p.m.

I use my old Riverboat Blackjack program (A great program for its price btw)rather than CV to practice basic strategy and to kill time because bets can be made more quickly.

To liven it up, I use a progression based on distance from the 0 point to size bets either one or two. In about (estimate) eighty hours of casino play equivalent (it can be played very fast) I am up over 200 units playing an eight deck shoe, no surrender, no insurance, no rspla, a horrible game.

Further, I have played this progression in casinos (when a pit boss is watching) and am ahead.

The progression has won overall betting don't come at craps (again when I wanted the pit to think I was a gambler). It fact, it is my modification of a progression for craps I read about somewhere years ago.

I posted it once for fun on bj21 and sometime later a poster talked about how well it won at a crap simulator (so I have an unpaid endorsement).

So I can say in absolute truthfullness the ML progression is a casino winner in bj and craps and has been verified by computers.

Sound's marketable does it not?

The downside is I adapted a little betting program my wife wrote for me to bet the progression in a -1% game and despite my real life experience and endorsements the damn program lost at the rate of 1%. (The last sentence was made up. While I could have done that I did not take the time. It would have lost at 1% if I had bothered.)



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