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Re: Biaised wheel part 4

Posted by Soma on 11 June 1998, at 2:22 p.m., in response to Biaised wheel part 4, posted by Robert on 9 June 1998, at 11:22 a.m.

Hello Robert

I have been looking at your table 113 wheel. Because of your frequency method I have to calculate your spins. I arrived at 13117, not your 13107, which is a fairly insignificant variance.

You describe 13-36-11 as "strong". I don't get this. What's the point of including 11 as it is a losing number. 0-32-15 or 14-31-9 would be fair sector examples. IMHO there is a whole lot of utter bullshit written about sectors. This myth is perpetuated by non-players who copy what other non-players write. Of course sectors occur, accept when they dont. You will also find patches where high and low spins alternate. Sometimes the red numbers are good and black are bad and sometimes its the other way round. Probably its the color of the paint (then again it might be the smell).

This wheel's chi-square is 50.3 which I consider the bare minimum to define as biased. You say only one number (1) is biased. I think 9 with 398 spins (wheel average 354) is also biased. Elsewhere you have said that biased play would quickly be detected. I disagree. I will try to show you why. On this wheel I would play 1 and 9 straight-up always. I would also play 0/1 and 1/4 splits. As this is only a barely biased wheel, it is not a good example, but even here an occasional odd extra bet or two would deflect exposure. Examples 32 36 31 31/32 1/2 0/1/2 7/8/9 8/9 13 15 13/14/15 13/14 7 31/32/33 9/12 23 14/15. On a heavily biased wheel there will be a large number of advantage combinations which can be played in a seemingly erratic fashion and be virtually undetectable.

Best wishes




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