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Reverse Labouchere method of betting

Posted by Coffee on 18 June 1998, at 9:45 p.m.

I recently read a book entitled, "Thirteen Against The Bank", by Norman Leigh. It is supposedly a true story about the authors's team of roulette players, who played at the Casino Municipale on the French Riviera, using the above method. In 8 days of playing, they won $US183,000 and then were all banned for life from the casino. Since all the French casinos were government owned or controlled, this effectively meant they were banned from all French casinos. The event happened in 1996, and the book was written in 1976.

He had two teams of 6 persons, each one betting on the 50/50 propositions - even/odd, high/low and black/red. The method was a progression, but one that did not depend on successive hits, just a proponderance of one over the other, i. e., even over odd, low over high, etc.

My question is, has anyone read this book or studied this method? If so, is it workable? If not, what is the fallacy? He apparently is no mathematician, and did not go into how one overcomes the zero slot by this method.

My thought was that if this was a feasible method, one could work it himself, betting both player and bank at the same time, or with a partner, one betting only player, the other only bank.

Any thoughts? I posted this on Wong's green chip, and got limited results. No one seemed to know this method, but just dismissed it as another progression. However, since the method is simple, and clearly stated in the book, it should be easy for the math experts to dissect it.

Thanks, Coffee



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