Blackjack Ace PredictionBlackjack Ace Prediction
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A book by David McDowell
Foreword by Michael Dalton
Cover art by Abigail Kamelhair

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[Excerpt] Foreword by Michael Dalton   

The material you are about to read presents the end of an incredible journey for the author and, I must say, for myself as well. Gaining an advantage in the game of blackjack has been an exciting challenge and profitable adventure for me since the early 1980s. In the early years of my card counting experience, I knew nothing about the possibilities of shuffle tracking or Ace location strategies. Indeed, they were secrets that awaited my discovery. I was finally introduced to shuffle tracking concepts in the early 1990s and successfully used the technique in the casinos. Only recently have I been privy to the concepts behind Ace prediction.

In August of 2003, David McDowell emailed me a copy of a report he had written. He titled it “The Poolside Guide To Blackjack Ace Tracking”—a very cute title for one of the most powerful winning techniques known to the inner-circle of professional blackjack players. After giving it some serious thought, I agreed to publish David’s work—which I thought was the best material on the subject available anywhere. Well, several months and a few hundred emails later David’s small report had transformed into, what I believe is, the most authoritative book on the subject.

"Many will consider David’s work as the final chapter in advantageous blackjack play..."

There is no doubt that the basic Ace location strategy discussed in the book was the “secret” of many of the successful blackjack teams of the 80s and 90s. As such, there will be many players that will be unhappy that this information has finally been published in detail. But I believe the time has finally come to let the world in on the big secret.

You see, one of the big secrets to winning at blackjack always had to do with the Ace card. We all know that the Ace is the most important card in blackjack. Without Aces you can’t get a natural 21 and getting paid three to two in blackjack is where most of our profit comes from. But the problem has always been in how to find those precious pearls. That is where Ace prediction and location strategies come in and that is what this book is all about. Are there any other real secrets to the game? Well, I highly doubt it. But secrets are such an elusive animal and I have been surprised before.

According to research I performed for my Encyclopedia of Casino Twenty-One, there are over 200 books that have been published on the game of blackjack, not to mention over 150 technical reports on the subject. But to be perfectly honest, there are only a handful of books that are worth your time and effort to study. In my opinion, this is definitely one of those books.

Many will consider David’s work as the final chapter in advantageous blackjack play – as the cat has finally been let out of the bag. So pour yourself a cup of strong coffee, sit back, and enjoy the journey.

        Michael Dalton
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