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BlackjackTrainerBlackjack Trainer
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Windows Software by ConJelCo

Blackjack Trainer is a program for both the Apple Macintosh and Windows that teaches professional blackjack play. With Blackjack Trainer you can become a knowledgable blackjack player and potentially an expert blackjack player with enough time and effort.

Blackjack Trainer is fully configurable. You can set rules such as whether the dealer hits or stands on soft 17, when doubling down is allowed, when splitting is allowed, how many decks are used, etc. The strategy to be used when betting and playing can also be set.

Blackjack Trainer allows you to practice playing, provides extensive strategy drills, and a high speed simulation capability.

Blackjack Trainer is supplied on a CD with an online manual. It will run on any Macintosh equipped with System 6.0 or higher and supports System 7, or any system running Windows 3.0 or higher.

"For my money, the fastest and most efficient way to learn card counting is with a computer..."--Arnold Snyder, The Card Player.

"...(Blackjack Trainer) will improve card counting skills."--Anthony Curtis, Blackjack Forum.

"Blackjack Trainer is one of the best products of its kind on the market."--Maryann Guberman, The Card Player.

" of the slickest blackjack training aids on the market today! ...the most user friendly way to learn how to play professional blackjack."--Michael Dalton, Dalton's Blackjack Review.

[Blackjack]"The serious card player should come to this product prepared for an intense card-tossing workout."--Computer Gaming World.

"Best 'User-Friendly' High Speed Simulation Software"--Arnold Snyder, Blackjack Forum, December 1993.

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