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Software by Danny Woolard / Shiloh Research Systems

Blackjack Vision can simulate ALL 7 seating positions up to 4 billion blackjack rounds at speeds up to 100 million hands per hour(Pentium 150; heads-up). All major U.S. rules and count systems are supported. Simulation data can be instantly updated by changing betting parameters. It can also determine risk of ruin for any bankroll. Advanced features include multi-parameter systems, Multiple Strategy Tables, and secondary counts. Over 150 stats are recorded: count freq.distribution in numeric & VGA graph form, count,ins.,& play advantages, much more. Context Help is available for beginners. Includes a 4 player VGA practice mode with easy to read cards.

What the experts have to say:

" a high-speed simulator, it is top-of-the-line, on par with the now defunct Universal Blackjack Engine......This is really a dynamite simulation program."    -Arnold Snyder, Blackjack Forum, Winter 1998

"There's a vast number of bells and whistles that I've come to expect from a simulator and this program has them. I consider this a fine program and a bargain..."   -George C., author of several blackjack papers, books and systems

Additional notes:

This powerful software package was designed from the ground up for the beginner to the ADVANCED bj player and statistician.


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Last Update: 04/24/99