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Bobby Singer Winning at Blackjack System
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The Bobby Singer Method

Winning at Blackjack


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This is the system you've heard so much about on TV...

The following excerpt is what the people behind the product are saying about The Bobby Singer Method...Winning at Blackjack.


"Casinos are fun! Glamorous! Exciting! Great, except for one thing...

At the end of the day...You lose money. Everyone knows the odds are precisely engineered in the casino's favor. This slight mathematical advantage is what has fueled the explosive growth of the gaming industry. Sure, you can get lucky and win once in a while. That's what keeps you coming back, chasing the big Jackpot. FACT: If you keep playing you will eventually lose everything. It cannot happen any other way unless you change the odds!

There is one casino game where you can put the odds in your favor and one man who can make it happen: Bobby Singer! THE KING OF BLACKJACK! He's won so much that some casinos have actually tried to have him banned! You may have heard of him ten years ago when his blackjack secrets turned the gaming industry on its ear.

Now Bobby Singer shares these secrets with a revolutionary new system called The Bobby Singer Method...Winning at Blackjack. This remarkable program can transform you from a beginner into a winner easier than you ever imagined possible. You don't need to memorize cards; you don't even have to be good at math! With this system you can win at blackjack while having the time of your life.

Thousands of players have discovered that you don't have to be a math wizard to enjoy this amazing advantage over the house. Bobby Singer's new step by step system blows old fashioned card counting away and puts winning within the reach of everyday people. It's much easier and it's much more fun. Yet The Bobby Singer Method...Winning at Blackjack can actually change the odds in Blackjack, even if you've never played the game before. It's quick, it's simple, anyone can do it, and you'll get the secrets straight from the man who's feared all over the world by casino managers and blackjack dealers alike: Bobby Singer.

Bobby Singer : "It's probably the easiest thing that you can do in a casino for the purpose of winning money. It's the way we're able to keep track of the cards to determine before the next hand is dealt who has the advantage, the casino or us. There are a lot of people telling me how great they know the game and how they understand basic strategy, I always ask them how they do, and they'll say something like; well I did great, this fifty dollars lasted me all night. I can't understand this, I have fun when I leave with (the casino's) money. I walk into a casino for no other reason than to play blackjack and to win money. There is no other game in the casino where you can actually have an advantage over the house and therefore control your destiny by winning mathematically."

The Bobby Singer Method...Winning at Blackjack is a revolutionary system created by the renowned "King of Blackjack" Bobby Singer. The system consists of an instructional video, 70 page instuctional booklet, and an easy to follow set of eight audio cassettes. Designed especially with "Math Cowards" in mind, this remarkable program can teach the average person to "master the flow" of the cards and win money playing casino blackjack, using only the most basic grade school arithmetic.

It's really quite simple and you can get the basic idea from something called "The Gambler's Fallacy." Take tossing a coin for example. You know the odds are 50/50, heads or tails. Question: If you toss a coin nine times and nine times it comes up heads, what are the odds that on the tenth toss it'll come up tails? Answer: The odds are still 50/50! What happened on the tosses before has no bearing at all on what will happen next. The same principle applies to the roulette wheel, slot machines and the dice in Craps. The odds are fixed and do not change regardless of what happened on the spin, turn or roll before.

BLACKJACK IS DIFFERENT. In blackjack, what happened before directly effects what happens next. There is a set number of each card in every shoe. So once the cards have begun being dealt, it affects what is left in the shoe and changes the odds of getting certain combinations from the remaining cards. If you could keep track of this, it would be like having x-ray vision. You would know what cards are due, you'd know when the odds are in your favor and how to adjust your bet. With this advantage you would in effect be changing the odds in the game of blackjack which is precisely the concept behind The Bobby Singer Method...Winning at Blackjack."


The Bobby Singer Method...Winning at Blackjack normally sells for $90.00 on TV and is not available in stores. It can be yours for a fraction of that price.

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The system includes...

  • "Winning at Blackjack" videocassette...(factory sealed)

  • Two (2) instructional booklets...Winning at Blackjack and How to Win Money Playing all Casino Games.

  • Eight (8) audio cassettes covering Basic Strategy, Money Management, Card Counting, and Your Guide to Casino Gaming.

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