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Casino Verite BlackjackCasino Vérité Blackjack, CVCX, CVData & CVShuffle by QFIT
The Casino Vérité Blackjack software package is the best blackjack game and simulation software on the market. Contains over 100 rule and play variations and a database of over 890 rule sets in over 500 real casinos. This amazing software also includes maps to your favorite casino, different table formats, statistic logs and color graphs, tournament play, counting drills, voice recognition, custom strategies, unusual games and more.  If the strategy that you use is not included, you can define your own in excruciating detail. Strategy, betting and Over/Under 13 strategies can all be user defined. Warnings and records of strategy violations are provided.  New variations of Blackjack are supported, like Multi-action, Over/Under13, Red/Black, Double Exposure, Royal Match, Bust Out, Super 7's and Seven & 1/2.   Editor note:  Casino Verite Blackjack get's my pick for the "best" overall blackjack software package on the market.  Outstanding! 

cvcomboban.jpgCVCX is a Combination Simulator, Sim Library & Risk/Goal/Bankroll/Optimal Bet calculator for advanced players.  CVCX is a completely new application providing the ability to create your own customized, interactive Blackjack Attack Chapter Ten. 

If you want to perform advanced blackjack simulations you need CVData  CVData is the replacement product for CVSim. CVSim users will recognize the output section. However, there are zero lines of code in common between the CVSim and CVData BJ engines. CVData's structure, goals and technology are very different.

CVShuffle is a set of additions to Casino Vérité Blackjack in support of shuffle tracking practice and analysis. CVShuffle is a separate product that requires CVBJ Version 3. A demo is included with CVBJ. Shuffle tracking is an extension to card counting. But, with ST not only do you count cards as they go by, but you also take note of the location of large numbers of large or small cards in the discard tray to determine or control their location in the next shoe. Not all shuffles are 'trackable.' CVShuffle includes aides to determine the 'trackability' of shuffles as well as practice aides and tools to help beginners understand the concepts. However, beginners will need additional instruction. George C's Shuffle Tracking for Beginners and Arnold Snyder's Shuffle Tracking Cookbook are good sources.

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PICNe Plus Ultra and Practicum by Victor Shelley
The most unique blackjack training software packages on the market today since it will improve your card counting skills. Includes drills to improve counting, true count conversion, deck estimation, play variations, count indices, etc. Use the built in count or create your own balanced or unbalanced count. Newer versions now include the companion Practicum "play" upgrade.  Excellent graphics and includes several unique practice and analysis features.  Now available on CD which includes the 70 page manual.  Editor Note:  This is a highly recommended and unique training tool and with the price drop (formerly $120) an absolute best buy! Until SmartCards was available I gave this software my Best Blackjack Training Tool award. 
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PICShuffle Tracking Tools by Mesa Verde
The original "Shuffle Trak" software by Mesa Verde has been replaced with "Shuffle Tracking Tools" and allows you to define, map, and practice playing using casino shuffle routines.  The user can specify dealer grab sizes, penetration, riffle type, stack, zone, plugging, etc.  The automatic simulation feature allows you to watch the card flow patterns (using color graphics) with up to 7 players at the table, as the mapping screen follows the action of the game.  If you are interested in shuffle tracking be sure to get Arnold Snyder's 3-issue Blackjack Forum shuffle tracking series also.   MORE INFO  Editor note:  Highly recommended for advanced players who have mastered card counting and are interested in shuffle tracking.  Other shuffle tracking software:  Baccarat Buster and Casino Verite CVShuffle.


SmartCardsSmartCards by Extreme Blackjack
SmartCards provides the best card counting training available anywhere.  It is not a home blackjack game, but a professional software tool that builds the skills you need to beat the game consistently.  SmartCards does this by providing a large range of exercises and practice environments.  It supports virtually any card counting system, with features not found in many other practice programs.
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