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Beat the Players Beat the Players by Bob Nersesian
This book should be read by everyone who sets foot in a casino: average casino patrons, skilled players, casino employees, and anyone else. It should be required reading for police officers, regulators, other public officials, and attorneys who may represent any of the aforementioned. Bob Nersesian is an attorney who represents victims of casino wrongdoing against patrons. In an enjoyable writing style, he takes a look at the often too-cozy relationship between casinos, police, and regulators. He discusses specific cases and dispenses sound, practical advice that all patrons, casinos and public officials would be wise to heed. Cases discussed include Nevada and other jurisdictions. Chapters include: Your Money or Your Liberty; Scary Cop Statements; They'll Take Your Liberty Anyway; Gaming Agents Speak; The Take of the State; Rules for Casino Patrons; Gambling at the Legal Limits; Cops Hate Card Counters; Griffin Investigations; Casinos Cheat With Impunity; A Judicial and Government Overlay; Finding a Nickel Brings Trouble; Names and Aliases; The Security Office and Surveillance Functions, and Casinos and Cops. Appendices include Nevada Cheating and Detention Laws with Commentary; Other Nevada Gaming Laws of Interest; Gaming Cases of Interest, and Nevada Gaming Regulations with Commentary. Includes a bibliography and an index. This book is also listed under our general Gambling Books section.
320 PAGES $19.95 Special: $14.95

Gambling 102 Gambling 102 by Michael Shackleford
Subtitled: "The Best Strategies for All Casino Games - Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Slots, Video Poker and more".  Plenty of gambling books explain how to play the games; that's Gambling 101. Gambling 102 takes you to the next stage, where you're playing the games in the best manner for the least amount of effort. Within these pages, gambling's “Wizard of Odds” provides the best strategies possible—along with the easiest learning curve—for all the casino games, from baccarat to video poker, from sic bo to sports betting. Editor note: If you are looking for an "odds" book on the various games this is your book. Highly recommended! This book is also listed under our general Gambling Books section.
164 PAGES $14.95 Special: $6.95

Poker Protection: Cheating... and the World of Poker
by Steve Forte
The first modern treatment of cheating and its impact on the game. Based on decades of extensive research, the study objectively looks at the dangers posed by professional and amateur cheaters in all forms of poker: casino game, private/home game, online poker, and tournament play. LIMITED FIRST EDITION - Available Now! Hardbound with sewn signatures. Printed on acid-free quality paper. Four-color laminated front and back jacket. Over 380 pages with 228 black and white photos. Photos by Award Winning photographer Bill Taylor. Comprehensive Glossary, Bibliography, and Index! Steve Forte is also the author of Casino Game Protection. This book is also listed under our Poker Books section.
2007 360 PAGES $49.95 Special: $48.95

Robbing the One-Armed Bandits by Charles W. Lund UPDATED
The hottest book of 1999 has been updated.  Charles W. Lund does it again with the expanded version of Robbing the One Armed Bandits. He reveals the secrets of the modern casinos slot machines; secrets known to only a handful of players which could be you.   The expanded edition covers the 49 machines from his first book, 15 machines from the supplement, PLUS 24 new machines like An American in Paris, Fireworks, Kool Kat, Pay Roll, Pushers and Wild Cherry Bonus Pie.Lund also discusses the value of casino slot clubs, how to search for machines of value, which banking machines to avoid and many more topics of interest for the SERIOUS SLOT PLAYER.  Robbing the One Armed Bandits was always good but now it's even better.  Editor note:  Everything the author says here is true.  I routinely make a few bucks off these type of machines on practically every visit to the casino.  My biggest jackpot to date was $1175 on a $5 Odyssey machine with "PlayOff" feature.  I had invested $475 and showed a profit of $700!  If you are one to think that I didn't really have a theoretical advantage on the machine you would be wrong!  Lund's research shows that real advantages can be found on the new "banking" machines found in most modern day casinos. This book is also listed under our general Gambling Books section. 
BOOK: 255 PAGES $19.95 20% Off: $15.96 PIC Best Seller- OUT OF STOCK / CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE