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Million Dollar Video Poker by Bob Dancer
Bob Dancer is one of the best known video poker players and writers in the world. Reportedly, in just six years, after coming to Las Vegas with a $6,000 bankroll, Dancer won more than $1 million playing beatable machines. Million Dollar Video Poker recounts the events of those six years, with stories about his meteoric ups and downs, and lessons for players of all skill levels. Video poker is one of those rare casino games that can be beaten by a talented and informed player, and Dancer explains how it's done. Never before has a top video poker professional shared so many of his winning secrets.

EXCERPT: Playing the $100 machine, Shirley started with Ace-Queen-Ten of Hearts and two small spades. I know which cards she held, because we have pictures of them—plus the King of Hearts and Jack of Hearts that arrived on the draw. Four hundred big ones! Shirley turned around and looked at me. Eyes wide open. Speechless.   I'd told the staff that if Shirley ever connected on the big royal flush, they'd all need new eardrums, she'd be screaming so loud. Turns out I was wrong. She didn't say a word for the first 15 seconds, then all she managed to whisper was, "Oh my God."

"An intriguing behind-the-scenes look at the life of a professional gambler. From the lows of hustling $2 coupons to the highs of hitting a $400,000 royal flush, Dancer reveals what it took to make him the winningest video poker player in the world.
"   —Steve Bourie, author American Casino Guide

262 PAGES 2003 $16.95 Special: $15.26 Best Seller

VideoPokerOptimumPlay2_Paymar.jpg (35007 bytes)

Video Poker - Optimum Play by Dan Paymar 
Jean Scott, author of The Frugal Gambler, recommends this book "as the best all-around instructional book on the market today for the player who wants to win at video poker.  In not only gives sound mathematical strategies but also discusses the all-important psychological and practical aspects of the game."  A great reference and resource book on video poker.  How to quickly and easily make the optimum draw to maximize your win rate -- without having to memorize long tables.   A major expansion of Dans Video Poker Precision Play which it replaces. A guide to video poker machines and the strategies necessary to beat them. Concentrates on Jacks-or-Better, Deuces Wild, Jokers Wild, and variations. Aimed at the recreational player who wants to become a serious or semi-pro player. Strategies are concise and easy to learn. The new second edition introduces Dan's Attractiveness Index and covers several newer games.  Reviews: and

204 PAGES $19.95 Special: $9.95  - 2ND EDITION

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